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Denise offers services for Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy,  and Family Therapy.

Individual Therapy
Treatment for:

  • Trauma, neglect, abuse

  • Depression and self-criticism

  • Disordered Eating Recovery

  • Anxiety

  • Addictive Patterns

  • Family/Relationship Conflicts

  • PTSD

Couples Therapy
Let's get to the heart of the matter.
So many couples desire communicating their feelings and needs and deepening their understanding and commitment.
Denise has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Family Therapy
Most families need time to slow down, listen to and grow in understanding of one another.  Family members also need a chance to learn new skills or tools to problem solve and further ongoing engagement.  Parents need guidance and support.
Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy
Treatment for:
  • binge eating
  • bulimia aftercare Tx
  • anorexia nervosa aftercare Tx
All of the above are tormenting.


Denise collaborates with a dietitian and M.D. to provide guidance in recovery.   She works with girls, boys, women, men and families of all ages.  Overcoming eating disorder behaviors and learning healthier coping skills is possible with hard work.  Denise is passionate about individuals recovering their lives more fully. 





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