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Denise is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with adolescents, adults, families and couples throughout her professional life.  She has worked in settings like eating disorder treatment programs, university campuses, low income clinics and private practice.  Roughly half of her clients are recovering from the throes of disordered eating. The rest are people from five to eighty-five, struggling with everyday problems, anxiety or trauma, who are desiring to better manage their lives and its stressors. 


Denise has experience with a variety of treatment modalities. She has completed advanced training in Lifespan Integration and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  She believes in the transforming power of relationships, and comes at therapy from a place of love and strength, believing that there is hope -- no matter how dark and frightening things have become.   By taking risks, daring greatly and no longer doing life alone, everyone can connect to their true selves.


In addition to talk therapy, Denise utilizes Lifespan Integration developed by Peggy Pace--as part of her therapeutic practice. This kind of therapy is based in neuroscience, attachment theory and body/mind re-organizing.  Read more...





  "After doing my own work, I no longer buy into the story that I'm a failure or that it's too late or too hard to make changes.  I feel more empowered to take positve steps forward." 

      - 26 year old female client

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